Sunday, April 25, 2010

God Uses Him On Me

I was reading this blog post today, and the author used the phrase "God uses her on me".  It got me to thinking about the people God uses on me, and the people He uses me on. It's pretty safe to say that everyone we encounter is placed in our path for a reason, but it also seems that there are certain people who are here to really get under our skin, who affect us like no one else. Sometimes they are exceedingly wonderful to be around, and sometimes they are a constant irritant.
In my own case the person I'm thinking of is a constant irritant. He's the only person I've ever met with whom I just hate being in the same room. This is not his problem, it's all mine. I've known him for many many years. We've both matured over time, but it appears he's made more progress than I. I know I don't irritate him the way he does me.
It appears that God wants me to recognize Christ in this person, and behave accordingly. It appears that God wants me to learn what it is in this person that is so repulsive to me, and to recognize I also have the very same trait(s). 
Thank you God, for placing this person in my path.
Help me God, to love this person.

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