Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Thousand Gifts: #28 and #29

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Thanks for seasons, natural and spiritual.
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The whole season of Lent is a transforming mystery, a “sacrament”, during which our practices have consequential effects: they bring us into the mystery of the dying and rising Jesus.  This transforming bond with Christ is brought about through denial of self and good works for others, penitential mortification and works of mercy, both spiritual and corporal.  In Lent the words of the Baptist must ring in our ears daily, even hourly: “He must increase, I must decrease” (John 3:30).   When He increases in us, we are more who we are supposed to be.  Thus, we have to make “room” for Him by our self-denial.
Weary of winter, longing daily for signs of spring, I'm looking forward to Lent this year, and I long also for a closer, more intimate relationship with the Father. What a gift we have in Lent, the season that encourages us to delve into the mystery of Christ's passion, His love for us, His endless Mercy. We are immersed in images, homilies, readings and observances, all of the tools necessary to facilitate this growth. The Church sets aside time for us to 'go deep', to study, to contemplate, to offer sacrifice and to pray. What an incredible gift. May your Lent and mine be fruitful!
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