Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Thousand Gifts #30: Pinochle



At first we did it because we didn’t want to spend much money, had small children, and lived in a town that didn’t have much to offer in the way of entertainment on Saturday nights. So we’d get a  pizza, some videos for the kids, and settle down for some riotous games of pinochle. Such laughs, noisy talk and fierce competition, and quite a bit of loose play with the rules. Oh but we had fun. We still do. We live in another state, the friends are different and our children are grown. But the card games are still the same. Sometimes we get so distracted talking that the game comes to a halt. Sometimes the wives win, sometimes the husbands win. Really though, we all win in the abundant graces of friendship. Thank you God for Pinochle. Of course, what I really mean is thank you God for many friendships over the years and the memories we made, and yes, the graces we received from them.

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